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SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CAREERS - MAKING IT WORK - New Career? Joyce Schwarz: another Los Angeles Times interview

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September 12, 1994
Switching from a career as a computer systems designer to a financial planner may seem like a huge jump. And it would be if it were taken all at once.
Some recareerers know exactly what field they want to move into--they may have had a dream gnawing at them for years. But many, especially those pressured into making a move, need to delve into their job histories--all the way back to those lemonade stands--to get a fix on the things they are not only good at, but actually love doing.

"It's essential to have an open mind and get out of the (career) box they're in," says Kate Pope, director of counseling for Women at Work, a job and career resource center in Pasadena.

Janice Plessner, 31, of Irvine learned the value of identifying her passion. After several years working for her father's fund-raising company, she knew she wasn't being fulfilled. She sought help from a career counselor at Cal State Fullerton, who told her: "Don't think of a job. Think of what you love."

Your antenna should be up to gather information," she says. "Go with specific questions as if you were an outside consultant trying to get a fix on issues in the industry."

When you can start posing sophisticated questions, begin interviewing experts in the field. People who are active in professional groups are especially inclined to be helpful, but don't aim for those at the senior-most rung yet, because you're still testing your wings.

As you talk to more people, position yourself as someone bringing talents from your old career into the new area, says Joyce A. Schwarz, author of "Successful ReCareering" and a counselor in Los Angeles who helps professionals through career transitions.

What qualities do you bring from your old position that will make you stand out in the new one? Did you develop great writing skills, problem-solving skills, a feeling for a certain market that would be greatly valued in this new field? You don't want it to seem like you're starting from scratch.

"You're not starting over, you're starting better," Schwarz says

Shifting gears: SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING with Joyce Schwarz

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If you've felt stalled in your career lately, you're not alone You're Not Alone may refer to:

"You're Not Alone" (Chicago song)

"You're Not Alone" (Embrace song)

"You're Not Alone" (Olive song)

"You're Not Alone" (Shaye song)

. Many workers, faced with layoffs, changing technologies or corporate reengineering have determined they're no longer suited for their chosen profession. Either by choice or design, they've opted to switch careers. Such a decision can't be made in haste Adv. 1. in haste - in a hurried or hasty manner; "the way they buried him so hurriedly was disgraceful"; "hastily, he scanned the headlines"; "sold in haste and at a sacrifice"

hastily, hurriedly , however. Should you decide to leap, you'll want to be sure to look - and reach out - first.

Having a secure network in place to provide guidance, moral support and career linkages can help take some of the uncertainty out of your search, while safeguarding you against failure. Joyce. A. Schwarz, a Hollywood-based career packager and author of Successful Recareering (Career Press, Hawthorne, N.J., $12.95), suggests that you establish your own "board of advisers" who can do this for you.

These advisers can be culled from all walks of life and should include people who know you, as well as individuals you'd like to know better. "Aside from advising you, they can also do some matchmaking Matchmaking
Levi, Dolly style that might eventually result in your getting your dream job," says Schwarz.


Great news, back issues of the LA TIMES seem to have gone online in the past few months -- or maybe it's is finding them better than google or other search engines. I have not seen these stories online before. Thank Heavens, THE LA TIMES digital links makes it so that I don't have to scan the old paper articles into the blogs.

BY JAMES BATES - Los Angeles Times

"Re" mania continues: Following on the heels of trendy terms reinvent and re - engineering comes re - careering, a term used by Los Angeles author Joyce A. Schwarz to describe job ... · Cached page


Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author, THE VISION BOARD and SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING is a well-known motivational speaker and media futurist in the high tech industry and Digital Hollywood. She is also delving into her favorite fields of consumer and packaged goods and corporate environments and entrepreneur launches with her newest speaking topics & keynote addresses:

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Once upon a time the All American dream was to own a home-- now it seems to have switched to a) winning American Idol b) being a rock star c) having your own TV show or a quite common wish/desire is to sell your book to a major publisher.

So Joyce Schawrz, best-selling author & Hollywood career strategist is on the road often giving talks on how to sell your book and project for six figures & turn it into a business -- here's info about one of her appearances in Hollywood area.

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Got questions about your purpose in life...don't forget that best-selling author Joyce Schwarz also writes the column on that topic at Allexperts -- see the link below! So for free advice that's your best opportunity.


OF course, Joyce Schwarz also takes on a handful of private clients for 12 week sessions on changing careers or realizing their own personal potential in life! Email her at joyceschwarz(at) for details.

Joyce Schwarz - Finding Your Purpose in Life - Self-Improvement ...Joyce Schwarz is an author and internationally known career strategist. ... "SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING" When Just Another Job Is Not Enough is a best seller. ... - Cached


Need help recareering? - Latino Perspectives Magazine -

offering additional tips for recareering is author and career strategist Joyce Schwarz of Los Angeles. “Successful recareering” is Schwarz's blog, ... - Cached -


Is it okay to use twitter to resign from a job or to announce your resignation (or your downsizing) via social networking? Here's a blog post that discusses how Paula did her announcement:

Joyce Schwarz , So is TWITTER THE NEW PRESS CONFERENCE? You have to ask why have a publicist, who do PR when you can simply tweet yourself into the headlines or is the word "TWEETLINES" ....ahh I love it when new media becomes, well THE MEDIA....

Here is the exact TWEET with a screengrab off of Paula Abdul's twitter page: see link in my other blog

Here is a screengrab of Paulaabdul's twitter page with more than 800,000 followers she beats out many of the major US cities as a news purveyor!



More than 500 million people in 175 countries will observe Earth Day by going green and following new eco-guidelines.

But what if you could go green every day of your life and really save the earth! As a career strategist who also works as a high tech consultant launching new products and services and has a background in marketing and advertising, it's been my pleasure to work with many eco-friendly companies and organizations.


What are the top environmental careers? You may not even have to go back to school to help combat climate changes. Here are three careers that you may not have thought of before:

1) Environmental Engineer: If you're already an engineer in another field -- say an automotive engineer or an aeronautical engineer or maybe you do engineering for a high tech corporation, you may be able to get your company to agree to name you their 'green guru' so that you can set up guidelines for sustainability for your firm and you can use your scientific and techno background to determine if production or services are eco-friendly. Who knows you may be able to get your firm to start a new windmill farm to produce all the energy you need for the next decade. If you want to get into the field you'll need at least a two year degree. Plus you'll want to read up on eco-opportunities and even take a seminar or workshop on how to 'go green'.

2) Park Ranger: Yes, there are still plenty of opportunities in this field. The Park Service always needs veterans in the areas of geology, architecture, design and hospitality to delve into the next era of what's called eco-tourism. Innovative park rangers work with communities to develop environmental impact studies and next-gen eco-education for people of all ages. Can you imagine how rewarding it might be to set up the first Butterfly sanctuary in your state? You'll need a high school education and check with your local Park service for other requirements.

3) Eco-Tour Leader: Are you already an eco-expert? Did you go green years ago? If so you may be able to become an eco-tour leader both in your community and across the country and around the world. Eco-tourism is one of the most exciting opportunities for vacations and touring. You may be able to tie in with your local travel agent and offer eco-weekend retreats if you still want to keep your day job. Or if you're yearning to explore new lands, check with some of the major tour companies to see if they need an eco-expert who wants to add a 'green' side to their tours. Who knows next year at this time, you may be leading an eco-tour into the Amazon Rain Forest, helping to provide needed income for local inhabitants while minimizing tourist footprints with eco-friendly vacations that help don't hinder the environment!

Eco-careers are just one of the paths you can take in the new area of the new responsible workplace where sustainability and social entrepreneurism highlight the path to success.

Joyce Schwarz has served as a keynote speaker for the American Assn of Caves & Caverns National Convention, served as a marketing and public relations advisor for luxury-eco fashion designer Linda Loudermilk, and have worked with such nonprofits as ECO, THE TREE PEOPLE, SAVE THE BAY, SIERRA CLUB and worked promoting economic development, tourism and outdoor adventures for the State of Hawaii, the State of Alaska, Camp Colorado's campaign, Government of American Samoa and promotional campaigns for Fiji, Nuevo Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico), government of Brazil, Government of Bermuda and numerous hotel chains including Disneyland Hotel, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott Corp and more She is also the author of SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING and you can see her new book at

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