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Day 58: Joyce Schwarz

GET INSPIRED PROJECT: Day 58: Joyce Schwarz , best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book (

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Many of you have asked for links to the many radio shows I've done in the past year. There are more than 75 of of them, but I'll try to link a few here so you don't have to search all around the web:


Rhymes, Views & News Radio Show With Joyce Schwarz

AUTHORS ON AIR with Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

JOYCE SCHWARZ INTERVIEWS -- more than a dozen -- on Blog Talk Radio:

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The Center For Successful Recareering UPDATE

Center for Successful Recareering (fees vary) -- Job-search and networking workshops for professional, management, high tech and entertainment job seekers (special programs for 35+ and women/minorities); call for schedule. Skills coaching and support groups, first Saturday each month, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,
Center for Successful Recareering
310/822-3119 or email

Keynote Speaker Joyce Schwarz Reveals How to Make $100K+ In Personal Development Industry

By Joyce Schwarz,, and

Find out how to start your own green and holistic business and cash in on $70 billion in annual worldwide revenues for personal development.

What if you could start a new business or launch a new product in a sector of the econoimy that is thriving? Well, now you can, according to best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, "The Vision Board" book ( who is also an expert in launching new companies and products nationwide


Schwarz reminds us that the personal development and growth industry will tote up more than $72 billion in revenues internatioally this year! She says, "You can discover how to unlock the five secrets to prosperity for your Body Mind Spirit practice, store, book and products," and will be giving a keynote talk on that subject at the San Diego Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Scottish Rite Event Center in Mission Valley on Sunday, September 20 at 5 pm. Her presentation is free with the purchase of an Expo ticket.

Now is the time to start your own busienss: Now you can finally realize the success you deserve! Release negativity and excuses and embrace abundance by getting featured in a major book, appearing on TV & Radio & featuring your holistic gifts in video and TV series and at speaking engagements internationally according to best-selling author and consultant Joyce Schwarz, (,

Schwarz Has Launched more than 75 Companies & Hundreds of new products:

Joyce Schwarz shares her proprietary GRABS formula known by more than 5000 celebrity & VIP clients. Discover her acclaimed client attraction system and how to use social networking, the Internet, wireless and matchmaJoyce Schwarz is the award-winning keynote speaker and best-selling author who attracted a $100K deal for The Vision Board Book, Harper Collins Publishing.

Turn your idea into a business: health professionals in chiropractic, holistic practice and book authors are also encouraged to attend Joyce Schwarz event.

She has consulted with authors, speakers, psychics, filmmakers and social entrepreneurs in launching more than 75 new companies and more than 100 products and services. Joyce has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TV GUIDE, ABC TV, NBC TV, and on KFMB and KGTV, San Diego. She can show you how to embrace success in the conscious business world and beyond!

For a free chapter of The Vision Board book go to: And to buy The Vision Board book go to

Schwarz is available for private consulting and for press interviews and media appearances in the San Diego area.For more info: 310-822-3119 or email Joyce directly at

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Joyce Schwarz Best-selling Author Successful Recareering Shares Powerpoint on How to Get a life not Just a Job!

GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB: Joyce Schwarz, - Cached JCOM Center for Successful Recareering founded by Joyce more. Center for Successful Recareering founded by Joyce Schwarz,

Hollywood Career Strategist & Best-selling Author Successful Recareering, Joyce Schwarz is PURPOSE IN LIFE EXPERT @

SEE THIS LINK to one of the many answers that Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author provides to the public in her column at
Finding Your Purpose in Life: recareering at 58, auto repair ... - 2 visits - Apr 9Joyce Schwarz is an author and internationally known career strategist. ... You may want to buy my book called SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING which is on ... - Cached


FREE WIDGET -- small piece of code you can put on your blog or website to get free advice from best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING: when just another job is not enough:
Widgetbox › SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING by Joyce Schwarz WidgetGet the SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING by Joyce Schwarz widget on! Successful Recareering is a blog by best selling author Joyce Schwarz who wrote ...


Yes, it's that simple, you can follow Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author and Hollywood career strategist for free at for new tips on how to change careers and create multiple income streams. See more details below:
Joyce Schwarz (Recareering) on Twitter - 3 visits - Sep 8Joyce Schwarz, bestselling author, Marina Del Rey, CA , heads JCOM ... If you'd like a free chapter of my book SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING to share with your mom ... - Cached -

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El Consejo de la Visión: THE VISION BOARD


El secreto de una vida extraordinaria Por Joyce Schwarz, Descripción Descubre quién eres y Lograr lo que más quiere en la vida con la Junta de visión.

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SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CAREERS - MAKING IT WORK - New Career? Joyce Schwarz: another Los Angeles Times interview

Another one -- this one I believe was from the careers and want ad section of the LA TIMES -- want ads-- email me and I'll explain what those were or what they are (if they still exist by the time you are reading this story! joyceschwarz(at)


September 12, 1994
Switching from a career as a computer systems designer to a financial planner may seem like a huge jump. And it would be if it were taken all at once.
Some recareerers know exactly what field they want to move into--they may have had a dream gnawing at them for years. But many, especially those pressured into making a move, need to delve into their job histories--all the way back to those lemonade stands--to get a fix on the things they are not only good at, but actually love doing.

"It's essential to have an open mind and get out of the (career) box they're in," says Kate Pope, director of counseling for Women at Work, a job and career resource center in Pasadena.

Janice Plessner, 31, of Irvine learned the value of identifying her passion. After several years working for her father's fund-raising company, she knew she wasn't being fulfilled. She sought help from a career counselor at Cal State Fullerton, who told her: "Don't think of a job. Think of what you love."

Your antenna should be up to gather information," she says. "Go with specific questions as if you were an outside consultant trying to get a fix on issues in the industry."

When you can start posing sophisticated questions, begin interviewing experts in the field. People who are active in professional groups are especially inclined to be helpful, but don't aim for those at the senior-most rung yet, because you're still testing your wings.

As you talk to more people, position yourself as someone bringing talents from your old career into the new area, says Joyce A. Schwarz, author of "Successful ReCareering" and a counselor in Los Angeles who helps professionals through career transitions.

What qualities do you bring from your old position that will make you stand out in the new one? Did you develop great writing skills, problem-solving skills, a feeling for a certain market that would be greatly valued in this new field? You don't want it to seem like you're starting from scratch.

"You're not starting over, you're starting better," Schwarz says

Shifting gears: SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING with Joyce Schwarz

Another oldie but goodie found at -- so I'm giving it to you here, ENJOY!

If you've felt stalled in your career lately, you're not alone You're Not Alone may refer to:

"You're Not Alone" (Chicago song)

"You're Not Alone" (Embrace song)

"You're Not Alone" (Olive song)

"You're Not Alone" (Shaye song)

. Many workers, faced with layoffs, changing technologies or corporate reengineering have determined they're no longer suited for their chosen profession. Either by choice or design, they've opted to switch careers. Such a decision can't be made in haste Adv. 1. in haste - in a hurried or hasty manner; "the way they buried him so hurriedly was disgraceful"; "hastily, he scanned the headlines"; "sold in haste and at a sacrifice"

hastily, hurriedly , however. Should you decide to leap, you'll want to be sure to look - and reach out - first.

Having a secure network in place to provide guidance, moral support and career linkages can help take some of the uncertainty out of your search, while safeguarding you against failure. Joyce. A. Schwarz, a Hollywood-based career packager and author of Successful Recareering (Career Press, Hawthorne, N.J., $12.95), suggests that you establish your own "board of advisers" who can do this for you.

These advisers can be culled from all walks of life and should include people who know you, as well as individuals you'd like to know better. "Aside from advising you, they can also do some matchmaking Matchmaking
Levi, Dolly style that might eventually result in your getting your dream job," says Schwarz.


Great news, back issues of the LA TIMES seem to have gone online in the past few months -- or maybe it's is finding them better than google or other search engines. I have not seen these stories online before. Thank Heavens, THE LA TIMES digital links makes it so that I don't have to scan the old paper articles into the blogs.

BY JAMES BATES - Los Angeles Times

"Re" mania continues: Following on the heels of trendy terms reinvent and re - engineering comes re - careering, a term used by Los Angeles author Joyce A. Schwarz to describe job ... · Cached page


Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author, THE VISION BOARD and SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING is a well-known motivational speaker and media futurist in the high tech industry and Digital Hollywood. She is also delving into her favorite fields of consumer and packaged goods and corporate environments and entrepreneur launches with her newest speaking topics & keynote addresses:

Topics: Business Building, Career, Marketing, Personal Development, Women's Issues

Are you ready to finally live your dreams for your business, career and life? Discover an insider system to leap from dreaming to realizing your goals. In her keynote address, workshops or panel discussions best-selling author Joyce Scdhwarz will help your audience see the future!

Find out why 75 venture funded start-up companies and more than 50 major brands like Revlon, Kraft, Disney and pay five-figure consulting fees to author Joyce Schwarz to coach their CEO’s using her proprietary goal realization GRABS program as heard and seen on major TV and radio business interviews.

Uncover how the ancient ritual of Visioning used by Shamans and wisdom leaders worldwide can empower your success. Create a visual map for the future with your own custom vision board as seen on Oprah and Larry King.

Author/consultant Joyce Schwarz has logged more than 50,000 hours of coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs, corporate executives, celebrities, TV personalities, Olympic athletes, and even a presidential candidate.

A master at manifesting her own visions, Joyce offers real-time life and business makeovers to tap into your own insight to create prosperity and abundance. See how you can harness the same energy actor Jim Carrey did to realize a $10 million paycheck.

"Your audience will finally discover how to get a life, not just a job, and future-proof their careers and business − despite the economy," says Schwarz. You'll learn how to use her breakthrough GRABS system for goal realization, revealed for the first time ever in her new book, THE VISION BOARD: Unlock the Secret to an Extraordinary Life (HarperCollins 2008). "You'll get the same advice for which I normally charge CEOs, venture capitalists and celebrities $500 an hour,” Schwarz promises.

To have Joyce send you a media kit and link to her public speaking demos online-- email her at or call 310-822-3119 THANK YOU!


Once upon a time the All American dream was to own a home-- now it seems to have switched to a) winning American Idol b) being a rock star c) having your own TV show or a quite common wish/desire is to sell your book to a major publisher.

So Joyce Schawrz, best-selling author & Hollywood career strategist is on the road often giving talks on how to sell your book and project for six figures & turn it into a business -- here's info about one of her appearances in Hollywood area.

If you'd like to talk to Joyce privately, she takes on a limited number of private clients in the areas of film, publishing, advertising, video & reality TV etc. Email her at joyceschwarz(at)

See some of Joyce Schwarz past clients at:

It's the new American dream -- sell your book or movie and make a fortune! BUT just how do you do it? Author & Hollywood career strategist, Joyce Schwarz will be featured at the BPSCA event on Thursday, June 11 at their special program for authors, writers & producers at the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, California.

To make reservations:

The BPSCA meeting is open to the public. For details call 8l8-769-4700 time is cocktails and networking from 5:30 pm and dinner at 7 pm and program at 8:15 pm. You can also see more details here (for info on Joycce's next talk in San Diego at the Body Mind Spirit expo-- email her at

In her talk Joyce Schwarz will preview her proprietary info about how to get your book published by a major publisher and a mini-case history of her latest work, THE VISION BOARD --subtitled The Secret to An Extraordinary Life where she reintroduces readers to the age-old concept of 'visioning'

Free Chapter of 'The Vision Board Book':. You can see a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD at

Don't miss this event where you can discover:

*How Joyce Schwarz got more than 75 wisdom leaders, celebrities and Hollywood personalitiess and TV stars involved in her book THE VISION BOARD.

*Why Joyce Schwarz received a 6-figure advance from Harper Collins for her latest work The Vision Board --subtitled The Secret to an Extraordinary Life .

*What is visioning and how it can help you create your best possible life -- no matter how young or old you are! It's never too late!

*What Joyce Schwarz learned from launching the "MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON CAMPAIGN" in Southern California and how it changed her life.

*How you can sell any product or service, book, movie or video or idea to the NEW HOLLYWOOD" and why more than 4000 VIP's have attended Joyce Schwarz STAR*Course classes and hired her as a their favorite Hollywood career strategy coach.
*How did Joyce Schwarz and her firm JCOM get her books featured in more than 200 publications ranging from WALL STREET JOURNAL to TV GUIDE to MONEY MAGAZINE to THE LA TIMES and get Joyce featured in interviews on more than 150 radio and tv talk and news shows ranging from KFWB CBS news to National Public Radio to NBC News and ABC TV and PBS TV nationally?

Joyce Schwarz presentation is a mini-preview to her upcoming workshop and teleconference on HOW TO SELL YOUR BOOK OR PROJECT TO A MAJOR PUBLISHER OR STUDIO! For more details or to register for this upcoming workshop, call 310-822-3119 or email:

CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR: If you're interested in becoming one of the first certified vision board counselors in the world, please email: to contact Joyce Schwarz, founder of The Vision Board Institute.

WHAT IS A VISION BOARD: a vision board is a visual map that you create using pictures, images, affirmations and embellishments to depict the best possible life that you want to lead. It expands on the ancient art of visioning that goes back to the caveman era.

Joyce Schwarz, Speaker, Author is probably best known as the creator of the campaign that launched the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON program for Ralph's Grocery Stores nationally. For the first time ever Joyce reveals the information on this campaign and how it evolved in her book "THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life which is now featured in more than 6,000 bookstores nationally and at

To sign up for a free newsletter on vision board creation go to: which is the blog for The Vision Board book. To see the official website for the book go to http;//

# # #

The Vision Board Institute was established by Author & Hollywood visionary Joyce Schwarz to offer training to become a Certified Vision Board Counselor throughout the US and around the world. The Vision Board Institute is located in Marina Del Rey, California. For more information go to


Got questions about your purpose in life...don't forget that best-selling author Joyce Schwarz also writes the column on that topic at Allexperts -- see the link below! So for free advice that's your best opportunity.


OF course, Joyce Schwarz also takes on a handful of private clients for 12 week sessions on changing careers or realizing their own personal potential in life! Email her at joyceschwarz(at) for details.

Joyce Schwarz - Finding Your Purpose in Life - Self-Improvement ...Joyce Schwarz is an author and internationally known career strategist. ... "SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING" When Just Another Job Is Not Enough is a best seller. ... - Cached


Need help recareering? - Latino Perspectives Magazine -

offering additional tips for recareering is author and career strategist Joyce Schwarz of Los Angeles. “Successful recareering” is Schwarz's blog, ... - Cached -


Is it okay to use twitter to resign from a job or to announce your resignation (or your downsizing) via social networking? Here's a blog post that discusses how Paula did her announcement:

Joyce Schwarz , So is TWITTER THE NEW PRESS CONFERENCE? You have to ask why have a publicist, who do PR when you can simply tweet yourself into the headlines or is the word "TWEETLINES" ....ahh I love it when new media becomes, well THE MEDIA....

Here is the exact TWEET with a screengrab off of Paula Abdul's twitter page: see link in my other blog

Here is a screengrab of Paulaabdul's twitter page with more than 800,000 followers she beats out many of the major US cities as a news purveyor!



More than 500 million people in 175 countries will observe Earth Day by going green and following new eco-guidelines.

But what if you could go green every day of your life and really save the earth! As a career strategist who also works as a high tech consultant launching new products and services and has a background in marketing and advertising, it's been my pleasure to work with many eco-friendly companies and organizations.


What are the top environmental careers? You may not even have to go back to school to help combat climate changes. Here are three careers that you may not have thought of before:

1) Environmental Engineer: If you're already an engineer in another field -- say an automotive engineer or an aeronautical engineer or maybe you do engineering for a high tech corporation, you may be able to get your company to agree to name you their 'green guru' so that you can set up guidelines for sustainability for your firm and you can use your scientific and techno background to determine if production or services are eco-friendly. Who knows you may be able to get your firm to start a new windmill farm to produce all the energy you need for the next decade. If you want to get into the field you'll need at least a two year degree. Plus you'll want to read up on eco-opportunities and even take a seminar or workshop on how to 'go green'.

2) Park Ranger: Yes, there are still plenty of opportunities in this field. The Park Service always needs veterans in the areas of geology, architecture, design and hospitality to delve into the next era of what's called eco-tourism. Innovative park rangers work with communities to develop environmental impact studies and next-gen eco-education for people of all ages. Can you imagine how rewarding it might be to set up the first Butterfly sanctuary in your state? You'll need a high school education and check with your local Park service for other requirements.

3) Eco-Tour Leader: Are you already an eco-expert? Did you go green years ago? If so you may be able to become an eco-tour leader both in your community and across the country and around the world. Eco-tourism is one of the most exciting opportunities for vacations and touring. You may be able to tie in with your local travel agent and offer eco-weekend retreats if you still want to keep your day job. Or if you're yearning to explore new lands, check with some of the major tour companies to see if they need an eco-expert who wants to add a 'green' side to their tours. Who knows next year at this time, you may be leading an eco-tour into the Amazon Rain Forest, helping to provide needed income for local inhabitants while minimizing tourist footprints with eco-friendly vacations that help don't hinder the environment!

Eco-careers are just one of the paths you can take in the new area of the new responsible workplace where sustainability and social entrepreneurism highlight the path to success.

Joyce Schwarz has served as a keynote speaker for the American Assn of Caves & Caverns National Convention, served as a marketing and public relations advisor for luxury-eco fashion designer Linda Loudermilk, and have worked with such nonprofits as ECO, THE TREE PEOPLE, SAVE THE BAY, SIERRA CLUB and worked promoting economic development, tourism and outdoor adventures for the State of Hawaii, the State of Alaska, Camp Colorado's campaign, Government of American Samoa and promotional campaigns for Fiji, Nuevo Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico), government of Brazil, Government of Bermuda and numerous hotel chains including Disneyland Hotel, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott Corp and more She is also the author of SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING and you can see her new book at

Article Source:

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Thanks again to my pal Lisa Osborne ( for helping set up this great interview that I did with the fabulous radio talk show host nd TV personality Rolonda.

Check it out -- it's now on YouTube - Radio Rolonda- Joyce Schwarz - "careers" 1/2  9 min - Jul 30, 2008 -

Left Rolonda who did an interview with Successful Recareering author Joyce Schwarz on the critical topic of "WHAT TO SAY IN AN ELEVATOR SPEECH" recorded on youtube:

(left) Interviews author & motivational speaker Joyce Schwarz, on SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING (see link below for audio on

FREE CHAPTER OF SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING book & intro to the Recareering system by Joyce Schwarz -- for a free chapter on how to GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB , email:
Audio available on radiorolonda on


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How to Make a GREEN Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz author THE VISION BOARD book

Okay, now's the surprise-- all vision boards are really green and eco-friendly because they are really recycling magazines! Kewl huh?

One of the most eco-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family, office mates and school class is to create a Vision Board.

HOW to create an eco-friendly vision board to celebrate EARTH DAY!

Blogger note, during the past few months, one of the most requested posts on this author's blog has been "how to create an eco-friendly vision board. So I've repeated and updated this step-by-step post in celebration of Earth Day 2009. ENJOY!

RECYCLING ASSOCIATIONS DOING VISION BOARDS WITH JOYCE SCHWARZ, speaker and author, Good news, Joyce Schwarz, author,being contacted by various recycling organizations and foundation to set up workshops across the nation to show why creating Vision Boards is eco-friendly.


First we want to assure that the book itself --208 page, 4-color throughouts, hard cover, 100 color pix IS "carbon neutral". A quick check online shows that News Corps, who owns Collins Desing, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing does buy eco-offset credits

Be assured by creating Vision Boards using images from old magazines and other printed material such as direct mail flyers, invitations, posters, wallpaper and even newspaper clippings, you ARE RECYCLING!

There are several regional and national programs organized just to recycle magazines (more on those later, especially the ones from the MPA (Magazine Publishers Assn) and the City of New York.

A) Gather old magazines, newspapers, printed materials including greeting cards, cartoons from newspapers, grocery circulars and catalogs in a large basket.

B) Be sure if you purchase any new background paper or materials that they are recycled too. Recycled posterboard is available but you may want to create your board using such eco-friendly materials as flax or organic cotton fabrics or even the back of old paintings or posters you already have on your wall--continuing the recycling circle.

C) Gather up found objects, paperclips, broken jewelry, ribbons from a birthday party or wedding shower, stamps and stickers from envelopes (you can re-attach with a glue stick later)

D) Be sure any paints or marker pens you use are also eco-friendly. In fact considering buying a whole pack of these and sharing them with your neighbors so that they can create an eco-friendly board too!

Or use natural materials. I've seen vision boards created with charcoal, withwaters colored by natural herbs & flowers and almost water-painted onto the board.

Or even consider painting (with eco-friendly paints) a large bolder or old board you find near your garage

E) Consider making your own recycled hand-made paper from old paper --the back of old posters, the back of leftover wallpaper or even on the back of an old awning or window shade!

F) If you're framing your board, be sure to recycle an old frame that you have in your house or garage or to pick one up at a flea market or thrift store in your neighborhood.
Examples include:

I recycle everything I can.

I am recycling my kitchen scraps too now.

I turn off the water when I brush my teeth.

I have a filter for my tap water.

I am simplifying my life.

I buy only what I absolutely need to live.

I make my footsteps on earth as light as they can be.

I recycle for others when I see an opportunity.

I make sure what I buy is carbon-neutral.

Pictures for your eco-board.

One of the fun ways to get the right pictures for your eco board is to make a list of those pix you'd like to see on the board such as: a) a home garden you are planting b) a method of composting you are starting in your group/family c) Past pictures of your family in the outdoors -- climbing or hiking or enjoying the earth at places you've visited --yes, even if they are near and part of your home town area. They don't have to be at an exotic location

TRAVEL -- another option is to gather some travel brochures at your local travel agency or from the travel section of your newspaper or favorite website and put those on the board planning on where you'd like to visit that IS eco-friendly

G) Gather the raw materials together. Spread out an old blanket or tablecloth to cover the creation area (a table or an area of a floor or even do it outside on your patio).

H) Begin by making a list with your group of the Eco affirmations they would like to keep in the next year and for the rest of their lives!

For more information see my other blog at and click on eco-vision board! Thanks or email me at thevisionboard(at)

Comedian Maria Bamford on Unwanted Thoughts & THE VISION BOARD book

Comedy is one of the greatest ways to counter the challenges of a job search. So I want you to meet one of our favorites Maria Bamford!

Fun to see our pal comedian Maria Bamford out with a new project from Comedy Central called , "Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome" .

Known for her great Los Angeles based stand-up routines about love, family and yes, self-help she is a joy to listen to and see. You may have caught her on a variety of TV voice-overs and appearances or on the "Comedians of Comedy" tour. "Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome"is her newest CD and includes some fun almost mocking of the very self-improvement techniques YES including a vision board.

Here's a pix of the cover of the new Maria Bamford CD. As many of you know, Maria has been very supportive of THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz and even consented to our photographer Annie Kaycora shooting pix of Maria's vision boards. And she sent THE VISION BOARD author Joyce Schwarz a head shot with a promo for the book.


Join The Vision Board book Official Facebook Group today Personal Invite from Author Joyce Schwarz

As you know in my other life, I'm the best-selling author and motivational speaker for THE VISION BOARD book. So I'm welcoming you to join the FACEBOOK OFFICIAL VISION BOARD group -- here's the link -- JOIN TODAY -- lots of free workshops,seminars and ways to create multiple income streams!
Free newsletter, free classes, free info calls on how to become a certified vision board counselor by signing up at on FACEBOOK

HOW TO MAKE A BACK TO SCHOOL VISION BOARD TO PICTURE SUCCESS From Joyce Schwarz, motivational speaker and author The Vision Board book

By Joyce Schwarz, YOU CAN GO BACK TO SCHOOL AT ANY AGE...and now with President Obama's encourgement lots of moms are looking at finally getting their degrees. PLUS BABY boomers are looking at school and continuing education as a way to increase their options in the job market.

CERTIFIED VISION BOARD COUNSELOR -- one way to help other people make their dreams come true and to have your dreams realized too is to become a certified vision board counselor , email: joycechwarz(at) to get details

For most families with children this is the time to shop for clothes and to prepare for the new year ahead. But for many kids and even for adults (moms and dads and single people, even the thought of saying goodbye to the summer and heading back into the classroom causes jitters and nervousness.

WHAT WILL THE SCHOOL YEAR BE LIKE? Will I do well? What will the new classroom be like? Will it be different now that I'm starting high school or college? How will I deal with kids/people in my class?
Statistics on back-to-school students: more than 85 million in almost 100,000 different schools in the US alone:

All those questions are quite common for the approximately 85 million Americans going back to school ranging from nursery school through college this fall (statistics courtesy of the US Census Bureau and the National Retail Federation.

From data supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Retail Federation, here’s a look at back-to-school 2009, by the numbers.

Approximately 85 million: Children and adults enrolled in school - nursery school through college

19 million: Number of students in colleges and universities this fall

$548.72: Amount the average family with students in kindergarten through high school will spend on school merchandise this season

$47.5 billion: 2009 back-to-school and back-to-college expenditure in the U.S.


98,793: Number of public schools in the U.S. in 2006-2007

7.2 million: Teachers in the U.S. in 2008


So with all that money being spent -- $47.5 billion in back-to-school and back-to-college shopping who is looking at how kids and adults can succeed in their upcoming school year? It's Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life, Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design who is encouraging families and the more than 7.2 milliion teachers in teh more than 98,000 public schools nationwide to vision their best possible new year by creating a Back-to-School Vision Board.

Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz recommends you create a 'back-to-school' vision board for those students in your family heading back to the classroom this fall. She says, it works for any age from kindergarten to post-gradute work. Schwarz is a paid motivational speaker who conducts workshops for such diverse organizations as Boeing Corporation and the SBDC (Small Business Development Corporation) on visioning your best possible future. Joyce lives and works in Marina Del Rey, CA and you can see her websites at and

What's a Vision Board? A vision board, according to author Schwarz who is also a nationally known career strategist and author of another best-seller SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING, explains is a visual map of what you want to create in your life. With a back-to-school vision board you can actually immerse yourself into the school year and visualize the positive results you will create this semester.

Schwarz has taught more than 10,000 students in her STAR*COURSE classes on how to be a star in your own life and does corporate seminars for such diverse organizations as Boeing Corporation and the SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) and trains teachers and counselors around the world from London to Sydney Australia to become Certified Vision Board Counselors so that they can show groups how to create vision boards like the Back-to-School Vision Board focusing in on educational success and maximizing learning potential for kids, teens and adults of all ages.


In her talk this Thursday night at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice, California, Joyce will demonstrate how to create a Back to School Vision Board but she agreed to share some of the key steps with us here too.

1) Get a poster board approx 17 x 22 of any color.

2) Gather together colored markers, and stickers and other embellishments that will make your board colorful.
3) Get your kids and family together and brainstorm about how to make this school year the best possible year. Have some juice and water and snacks available as treats during this session.
4) Come up with some "power words" that express your the results of your brainstorming session such as: Happy, Challenge, Wisdom, Productive, Great Fun and even teen phrases like Awesome!

5) Add some favorite symbols such as a) happy face b) sunshine c)or even a new eco-lightbulb that is a bright color

6) Look up 'school quotes' on the internet or in a quotation book fro your bookshelf and add some of inspirational quote such as these:

"When the student is ready, the master appears." ~Buddhist Proverb

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." ~Chinese Proverb

7) Have the kids or the adult students in your family rehearse the first day of school and the ideal scene that they want to experience and come up with some key words that express that vision such as: exciting, Welcoming and enjoyable

8) Thumb through some magazines and pick out pictures that represent your key words and power phrases but also add pictures that just 'seem right' to express how positive this school year can be for both parents and kids and their peers.

7) Cut or tear out those pictures. If you can't find any magazines -- go onto a major search engine online like Google or even Flickr and search for copyright free photos or for those covered by what's called the Creative Commons License so that you canuse them without violating anyone's rights.
8) Get a glue stick or white glue and begin to arrange A) the pictures B) the quotations c) the phrases and power words on the board in a decorative and pleasing collage. It doesn't have to be fancy but it should be colorful and positive.
) Get a glue stick or white glue and begin to arrange A) the pictures B) the quotations c) the phrases and power words on the board in a decorative and pleasing collage. It doesn't have to be fancy but it should be colorful and positive.

9) If your family is having trouble releasing any fears or negativity about the school year. Have the people experiencing those doubts write them down on little strips of paper and put them into a garbage pail and then make a ritual about disposing of them or under adult supervision even turning them into a small bonfire! Release that negativity before school starts.

10) If you have family pictures of the school you'll attend of fun pictures of school activites from last year's pix or your yearbook you can copy them at a copy center and add them to the mix too.

Going to a new school or starting college -- add some of the pix from the online websites (most schools have websites now or take a quick road trip to the area and add new photos to your Back to School Vision Board.

PUT YOU ON THE BOARD -- most people forget to put themselves on the board, explains best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, but she adds this is important for you can actually immerse yourself into the positive environment by adding your own happy, smiling picture. Don't have a picture then try on the new school clothes and take some digital pix and add those to the board.

DISPLAY YOUR BOARD -- display your board where you and the students can see it -- in their room or in the hallway or even in the kitchen. You can do one for the family or one for each child/adult going back to school. Parents anticipating empty nests for the first time can also create a vison board for their new life ahead.

Be sure to look and talk to your board. Read the positive quotes and power words. After all you talk to your pets or even your plants-- why not rehearse how wonderful the school year can be.

MAKE A PORTABLE COPY OF YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL VISION BOARD -- take the vision board to a copy place and get some scans done if they are too large to do with your home computer. Be sure to get color copies so that you can have the kdis put theim into the knapsacks or the adults into their briefcases. You can even do mini-versions so that you can stick a mini-back-to-school vision board in your purse or wallet or even laminate it and add it to your keychain or as a charm to dangle from your cell phone!


For a free chapter on visioning from author Joyce Schwarz go to and to buy THE VISION BOARD book go to or get it at your local Barnes & Noble, Borders or Target shop or your favorite independent bookstore and in Canada at Costco stores.

FOR MORE HINTS ON MAKING VISION BOARDS: go to which is the official blog for Joyce Schwarz book THE VISION BOARD and you can also surf on over to the official website at

Friday, September 11, 2009

Boomerang Kids: Advice from Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

*GRABS formula for success as described on page 8 of The Vision Board book: the secret to an extraordinary life which explains:
G stands for Gratitude and giving

R for Release and Receive

A for acknowledge and ask

B for being authentic to yourself and believing

S for sharing and beginning the cycle of creation again.

If you'd like a copy of the itunes version of the radio show, please email:

ADVICE FOR BOOMERANGE PARENTS & KIDS: on visioning & Vision Boards

Alas this questiion got pushed to the last question asked because of time limits so I'll address the answer briefly in this blog post and then cover it in a separate podcast/blog interview in the future. But here are some quick tips that I covered: a) Boomerang Kids are at a 'transition' point in their lives. One of the best ways they can prepare to vision their next stage in life is by: *volunteer work *concentrating on the gratitude and giving part of the success formula. They may want to do a board just on gratitude. Or they may want to do a board for a cause they believe in like "SAVE THE WHALES" etc just to get the feeling for it.

To sign up for a free newsletter on vision board creation go to:

Join The Vision Board book Official Facebook Group today Personal Invite from Author Joyce Schwarz

Here's what you'll get when you join the group for free:

*Free quarterly newsletter with four-color pictures of vision board creation

*Free invitations to workshops online

*Free conference calls and private radio show invitations

*Opportunity to have your vision board including in upcoming The Vision Board book products from The Vision Board Institute of America.

For more details sign up at

To read The Vision Board book daily blog sign up at
To get information about the upcoming free conference calls about how to become a certified vision board counselor email: or call Joyce directly at 310-822-3119

HOW TO DO YOUR OWN PR: Joyce Schwarz, Hollywood Guru REVEALS Secrets


-- for your book, your project or your company or for yourself. It is much more than just sending out a press release or having a mailing list of press names and contacts!.

Would you like to find out how:

a) TO BECOME A BLOGSTAR? how to tap into hundreds of blogs and be featured in less than 90 days like Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD did this year already!

b) HOW TO MAKE HEADLINES IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES --reknown advertising & PR awardwinning secrets are revealed by Joyce in this workshop! Joyce got her book THE VISION BOARD and her clients (small, medium & large companies and sole proprietors and other book authors and speakers) featured in such major online media brands as USA TODAY, FORBES, FORTUNE, LA TIMES, DAILY NEWS, NBC NEWS and dozens and dozens of other major publications in less than 30 minutes!
c*Where and how to find more than 200 daily leads on reporters who want to interview you -- FOR FREE! Online and offline sources that are available to you so that reporters, talk show hosts and TV producers WILL CALL YOU and ask you to be in their articles and on their shows. Joyce knows -- she's gotten more than 200 interviews for herself and her client and NEVER made a cold call pitch!

The Vision Board featured on MSN internationally and reaching 1 1/2 million readers.
Read how Joyce Schwarz garnered more than $1/4 million in free publicity for her book THE VISION BOARD in less than 90 days -- she can shoe you how to do it too.
Contact for a personal consultation (put the phrase -- "HEADLINE ME" into the subject line and then put a time that I can call you back or tell you about the following:

1) One to one coaching for your personal publicity plan

2) Home study program -- 90 days to get yourself into the headlines (or have a pal, colleague or even your spouse help you to make NEWS using the day by day study program and actual step by step proven techniques Joyce Schwarz uses for her own books and for major clients like AT&T, Disney, Sheraton Hotel Corp, and celebrities, VIP's and many of the top wisdom and personal development leaders she advises!

3) FREE TELECONFERENCE REVEALING the top 7 RULES TO FOLLOW TO GET YOUR NAME IN HEADLINES in this new era of social media and to reinforce it with TWITTER, FACEBOOK & YOUR OWN BLOGS/WEBSITES & EMEDIA! THE FREE CALL IS SET FOR NEXT MONDAY at 11 am PST and 2 pm EST and again at 7 pm EST and 4 pm PST and there will be an audio version of it too for download! Email: joyceschwarz(at) for call in number and code --send an email to and put in the subject: FREE CALL TO PR ME!

4) 90 DAY PARTNERSHIP WITH JOYCE: Go ahead and sign up Joyce Schwarz and her team to walk you through step by step during your 90 days and support your efforts and make sure you get the hands-on help you need to SUCCEED. Guaranteed you'll get at least a dozen media placements/radio interviews & be a BLOGSTAR at the end of the 90 day period!

Check out joyce's other business at: and see her biography and her list of past clients. Joyce is an accredited APR professional (like a CPA for PR execs) from the Public Relations Society of America only the top 3 percent of all PR execs in the world ARE accredited and have passed the rigorous accreditation and certification process to gain the APR designation.

Schwarz has served as a VP and senior executive for such major advertising and PR firms as Foote Cone & Belding and OMD (Ogilvy) She has done PR for more than 25 years and is probably best known for the campaign for the MISSING KIDS ON THE MILK CARTON CAMPAIGN she created for Ralphs Grocery company (KROGERS) nationally. She is the author of 6 books and more than 400 articles that have appeared in Wall Street Journal, LADIES HOME JOURNAL, FOX BUSINESS, CHICAGO SUN TIMES, LONDON TIMES & hundreds of other publications.
You can reach Joyce at 310-822-3119

To see a free chapter of her award winning book THE VISION Board go to

Let's Blow this Popsicle Stand --How any image can be interpreted with pix from Joyce Schwarz THE VISION BOARD author

How can you get the right image for your vision board? Well, we're coming up on father's day and this is the first one without my dad. So I decided to take one of his favorite phrases (considering it's Friday and very appropriate) and look at the phrase " LET'S BLOW THIS POPSICLE STAND -- which generally meant we were about to go out and get icecream or go to the movies or something fun! Not dissimLegend has it that this term was first coined in the 1940's by a Jamaican named Antoine Cleo. Antoine Cleo believed that filling the area of a popsicle with deadly radiation, could be used against certain countries as biological warfare. He believed that the radiation had certain brainwashing chemicles inside of it and that placing the popsicles at stands at random areas could allow more people to buy the popsicles, thus was his plan for world domination.

However, his plans were soon foiled when a strange cult called the Kindred Spirits (The Cult leader was Later identified as a man named Dushka Deshvky) blew up all the popsicle stands in America, including killing the perpetrator, Antoine Cleo.

"Lets blow this popsicle stand" was then started as an inside joke between 4 teenagers, then it spread throughout the United States, the phrase from then on meant, "Lets get out of here fast, before something bad happends to us."

Now maybe after hearing this, we can walk away a little wiser about what this phrase means. Source: Evil minds of the 1900's.
To buy the book go to your local bookstore or get it on at

SAY YES TO LIFE WITH A VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, author The Vision Board book


Here are 5 NO COST WAYS TO SAY AND "SHOW" YES to the world even before you make your vision board:

1) Go to the park and take a ride on a swing -- go ahead act the age of your shoe size? Ever heard that before --my shoe size is 8 -- so I get to be an 8 year old anytime I want!

2)Eat dessert first! I just found out that October 28 --the launch date of The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY! Ymmm so I'm taking this opportunity to remind you to eat your dessert first that day -- it's only 19 days away! A little bit of dark chocolate is full of anioxidents so go ahead splurge every day with a bite or two of the most decadent chocolate you can find!

3) Put on your happy cap if you're having a bad hair day. I always keep a few of my favorite baseball caps with fun logos hanging as decorations in one of my closets! When I'm feeling a bit down -- I ALWAYS wear my sequineed black and silver baseball cap and I take it on trips around the world-- even on a ride on an Arabian horse in Petra, Jordan!

NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS! Okay -- we'll have to get some SHARE THE VISION baseball caps to tie in with our website! More on that later.
4) Share a compliment-- say something nice today to someone you DON'T KNOW -- if life is a little cloudy-- I always make sure that I give a compliment or two to someone I see in a store or even in a parking lot.

It's easy --and yes, you can be sincere -- after all -- most people love to be told that their car is a beautiful color or that their T shirt is so much fun or that you love that gorgeous Olive green handbag that the senior you see at the post office is carrying.

You'll be amazed how much it perks you up!

5) CALL A PAL you haven't talked to in a few months or even a few years. Ask them the questions about their life and family -- be a good listener, don't spoil the moment by dragging them down with your own doldrums! Remind them of a couple of fun things you did together.

That's a great way to open the call --start by saying "remember the time we did....."
Now make a list of all of the great things you appreciate in your life and all of the great people and take some pictures of them or go through a magazine and begin to place them on a vision board.

What's a vision board? Most of you know a vision board is a visual map or depiction of how you'd like to live your best life possible and a way to pay tribute to the wonderful things you have and are creating in your life.

Take a poster board or a blank journal and paste some of these YES images in your journal or on your board. And add affirmations that remind you that you are grateful for what IS yes in you life and what will add more YES to your life in the future. Speak in the present tense (not the future) I am grateful for the wonderful home I have on a hill in the forest! YES I have that home now! See it experience it.

Author's Bio

Joyce A. Schwarz is the author of THE VISION BOARD, th secret to an extraordinary life. For a free chapter of the book go to http:/

It's time to Re-vision 2009 Do a new Vision Statement & Vision Board!

by Joyce A. Schwarz, and

At this time of the year, many of us are looking at what a great summer you had and maybe looking forward sheepishly to the end of the year because you have not accomplished what you hoped for.

That's why I recommend that you do a quarterly check up on your Vision Statement and Vision Board. I do mine at the start of each season: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring etc.
The most important tools to guide you through the transitions of each year are a Vision Statement and a Vision Board.
What am I talking about? A vision statement is a vivid, idealized description of the outcome that you want. Something that inspires ... energizes you, and helps you create a mental image of your target.
My personal vision statement is short and sweet “TO LIVE THE POSSIBLE DREAM”, a positive spin on Don Quixote’s famous “Live the Impossible Dream”.
Some of you may be familiar with corporate mission statements or company mantras but all too often those come from the Ivory towers and are issued via memo.

Vision statements are much more personal – the concept started from the grass roots and spread across the world by people who want to realize their own personal talents and ensure that their life matches their values.

USE TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE...and visualize the future: A vision statement can be used to enhance any part of your life, like family or career. It could also be created to visualize a new home or a specific project.

Here are some tips for creating your own vision statement:

*Summarize your vision in a powerful statement (1-4 sentences)

*Make sure it stands the test of time (think ballpark vs. small details)
*Suspend disbelief—anything is possible!

*Follow up with ‘inspired action’ (specific steps toward your vision)

*Post it somewhere you can see it daily (and update it quarterly)

*Consider starting with a wish list or bucket list of your dreams.

*Start with a sentence or two and pare it down to a short phrase

*Pick a power word like freedom and craft your vision around that word.

Where to get your inspiration for your vision?

Give a new spin to a classic song you love.
Rearrange an advertising phrase to inspire you.

See a favorite movie one more time.
Refer to a favorite quotation
Recite your favorite poem, it may offer a hint or two
Once you craft your vision statement here are some ways to use it to inspire you to create your create your best possible holiday season and lead into a new year to remember.
Post it where you can see it daily.
Carry a copy of it in your wallet or handbag.
Add it to your vision board.

Print it on the back of your business cards.

Use the power words in your new vision statement to update our current vision board or create a new vision board just for this upcoming season ie Summertime!
Joyce Schwarz: Author's Bio

Joyce Schwarz is the best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD the secret to an extraordinary life which has a preface by Bob Proctor and an afterword by Jack Canfield. The book has been featured in TV GUIDE, on Television networks ABC, NBC, CBS, CW in 52 different cities.
Schwarz is also the founder of THE VISION BOARD Institute and has launched the world's first accreditation program for Certied Vision Board Counselors which you can find out more about by going to

WHAT IS A VISION BOARD? Is it time for a New Vision Board for 2009 by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

WHAT IS A VISION BOARD? Is it time for a New Vision Board for 2009 by Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life What is a Vision Board? By Joyce Schwarz, Author, speaker, producer, The Visiono Board by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design explains that a vision board is a visual representation of what you are creating and want in your life now and in the future.

Vision Boards are also known as "dream boards", "wish boards", "Treasure maps" "Life Collage", "Wisdom Collage" and other names.
The history of the Vision Board dates back to the caveman era where pictures of animals and other visuals were sketched or painted on walls of caves and nown known as Cave Paintings. Many of these early cave paintings were painted in advance of a hunt where the artist was visually experiencing the hunting conquest in advance. A form of 'visioning' or visualization.
VISION BOARDs have been featured on such TV shows as OPRAH, LARRY KING, ELLEN and others to show the power of how to change your mind and change your life.

Vision boards come in all shapes and designs and can be made from all substances ranging from paper to canvas to actual wall-size creations to mobile versions for iPod and iPhone.

Most people are familiar with Vision Boards that one creates that look a bit like collage and feature pictures torn from magazines and photographs and personal memorabilia that is affixed by glue or paste to a poster or foam board. But Vision Boards variations also can include paintings, mixed-media and other arts and crafts.

A Vision Board generaly includes these elements:

A) Visuals: photos, magazine images, drawings, photographs and

B)Affirmations: optimistic sayings,inspirational quotes, mantras and mottos that encourage good habits and changes in your life for the better.

C)Embellishments -- including stickers, foil stars, glitter, ribbon, personal memorabilia such as concert tickets, travel folders, maps and

D)DREAM OR WISH LIST -- a list of those visions, dreams or wishes or desires you want and are creating in your lifeAnd other elements which will be featured in the upcoming book ThE VISION BOARD.

Here are examples of just a few of the types of vision boards that you can create. You can also create them for special occasions in your life and during your year:

*Love Vision Board

*Relationship Vision Board

*Prosperity Board

*Gratitude Board

*Health and Fitness Vision Board

*Travel Vision Board

*Vacation Board

*Life Overview Board
And for special occasions throughout the year consider creating a vision board for:

*Birthday Vision Board

*Marriage Vision Board

*Wedding Anniversary Vision Board

*Graduation Board

*Valentine Board

*Thanksgiving Board

*Christmas Board

*Holiday Board

*Giving Board

*2009 Vision Board

For more information about Vision Boards go to and insert your email to get a free copy of the Vision Board newsletter.


What if you could grab the best of life like a game at a know the one that has that claw and you get a stuffed animal or money or candy? Well you can ...and it is much easier than the carnival game when you follow Joyce Schwarz proprietary system in THE VISION BOARD.

WHAT DOES GRABS stand for: See chapter one of Joyce's book for more details or preview it at
Go ahead and GRAB life says Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD: The secret to an extraordinary life , see a free chapter of that bestselling book at

Help others make their dreams come true become a Certified Vision Board Counselor Home Study NOW

Yes, great news -- the home study program to become a Certified Vision Board Counselor is now available. It is an 8 week program and includes:8 classes on on CD (90 minutes long -- actual audios from classes so you get the feeling of interaction with other class members)Http:// 8 Audios introducing the sessions by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz telling you how to market and promo your vision board counseling practice and how to teach dozens of other classes and workshops using THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz. PLUS 8 written lesson plans and 8 inspirational podcast from wisdom leaders featured in Joyce's book THE VISION BOARD

The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life has been a bestseller on for more than 25 weeks since it's publication in fall, 2009 Now author and Hollywood career strategist Joyce Schwarz shows how to add another stream of income to your life and career by becoming a certified Vision Board Counselor. See
For more information about becoming a Certified Vision Board Counselor and also researching the option of taking private coaching lessons or small group classes on certification, email:

The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz Explores Oprah's O Dream Board !

The Vision Board book author Joyce Schwarz Explores Oprah's O Dream Board !

By Joyce Schwarz blogging at Yes, of course we HAD to be among the first to try out's new "O Dream Board' downloadable System. Bestselling author, Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book: the secret to an extraordinary life, Harper Collins Publishing is visioning partnering with and sharing her book with Oprah and her fans! For a free chapter of THE VISION BOARD book, go to:
To order THE VISION BOARD book go to

O DREAM BOARD link and summary of features: try O Dream Board
link provided by (blog for THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz.
The O Dream Board includes:
a) almost 600 free copyright free images from Getty Images

b) intentions creator with intentions that you write yourself (like affirmations or what you intend to take action for or do to create your best possible life or envision your best life as Oprah says. With the ability to hide or display your intentions.
C) text box creator to add text to your board

D) Ability to upload your own pictures to the board from your own computer.

E) Ability to title each board your make with your own title at the bottom of the page
F) Ability to download O Dream Board to your computer.

G) Ability to take a snapshot of the board 1) with intentions displayed or 2) without the intentions displayed

H) create as many versions of the board as you want and store the snapshots on your own computer
I) Link to to print your dream board as a photograph m) Change the color of the fonts of the text and 2) change the size of the fonts and make them bold or italic.

n) Change the background of your text box with a handful of colors
o) Size your photos with just stretching or squeezing corners with your mouse.
P) make your board for Mac or PC (there is no Linux edition yet)
and MORE....that's just our first look. We'll be in touch with our contacts at to see what more they have in store. We do know that we've seen beta tests for the software on and on the site. S
So far we cannot find any press releases or promo other than what is on the website at this link:





....turn your pink slip into your Ticket to getting a life not just a job!

1) Release your negative thoughts/beliefs about workAnd making money. You were BORN RICH! Write down All your false beliefs or old fashioned ideas and then Tear them up or toss them in the trash!

2) EMBRACE are worth a million dollars
Literally – all the chemicals and parts of your body alone would Cost more than $1 million to replace...NOTE: This may be easier in a Group setting, go to one of the Pink Slip Mixers in your area on LABOR DAY WEEKEND or in the future check for places in your city!
3) MAKE A LIST OF HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE! Get a life not just a job. This is your opportunity to live the way You want to and really create your best possible life! Envision How you want to live and what you want to feel inside. See a Free chapter of THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz and Chapter one on VISIIONING at


Make your intentions and power words and affirmations POSITIVE! Don’tJust put complaints on your board!
5) PASTE OR GLUE ALL OF THE POSITIVE VISIONS and inspirational power
Words and quotes on success on a group vision board or on your own board. Make Your board any size you want – but make sure it’s at least 12 x 18 inches, large Enough for you to see and read the POSITIVE VISIONS!

7) ADD PICTURES AND DEFINING IMAGES OF WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE IN YOUR LIFE , Don’t just put the stuff on the board, consider adding how you WANT TO FEEL, USE VERBS NOT JUST NOUNS see another free chapter of THEVISION BOARD book for examples at

Author and Hollywood career strategist, Joyce Schwarz, reminds pink slip recipients that you need to

****create multiple income streams even when you get a job. Schwarz defines JOB = Just Only A Bridge to Where you’re going.

****Joyce encourages her clients to GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB and look at How to make money with their talents and hobbies. Or start by making room for the next part of your life - clean out your closets & have a garage sale or list the items on eBay or another auction site. Don't forget you can sell your books on making some spare change it willencourage you to look at other income generators too!

For example if you know how to sail, consider Giving sailing lessons, into crafts, begin to display your wares at your local farmer’s markets many
the local markets are displaying local arts and crafts now

To get a link to a free chapter of Joyce Schwarz book “SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING”,Email: and she will send you a full chapter focusing in on how to GET A LIFE NOT JUST A JOB! With scores of tips, examples and case histories on how Thousands of her clients have done and ARE doing just that even in this economy!

DO YOU TWITTER? You can follow Joyce Schwarz at


Okay, if you did not already see the post at then you should go there too and see BUT to really see more about how much fun it is to:
TAKE YOUR PINK SLIP AND SHOVE IT ONTO YOUR VISION BOARD see the video at: on youtube! I think you'll ove it. Pass it on to anyone you know that is unemployed or looking to get a life not just a job!

Multiple Streams of Income With Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz,

Thriving is a mind/body challenge . Most multiple entrepreneurs (who run several businesses at once will tell you the value of multiple income streams. The challenge is walking the talk and keeping your antenna up for great income opportunities that will help you make money while you sleep.

Many of you combine different skill sets in a portfolio that enables you to create what an income pie where various slices of that pie come from different income sources. In this article, you'll find updates for this new crossroads in our economy.

One of the keys to thriving and not surviving is to envision your future in advance. To not just get by but to create the life you really want now-- even if it seems impossible and your bank account is low or nil and you are facing what seems like enormous challenges.
Here are some key tips:

What's the future hold for your career/job or business? In this economy that is a real challenge to answer for many of you. BUT the insight you get in this article will guide you well toward creating the income you need to thrive not just survive!

The key to your future and to our economy's challenges may just be simple -- redesign the workspace/workplace and redefine the word WORK and CAREER which are thousands of years old -- and lag behind the opportunities in the 21st Century.

It sure ain't your grandfather's workplace. In fact it's vital that you know that okay to do more than just one thing in life.

A Wealth and Well-being Vision Board enables you to explore that many options for income creation --from artist to zoologist.

Can you say A.W.E?

One example of an abundance vision board that you may have seen online is a concept collage that combines ancient Mandala symbols with an updated version of visioning to show the future vision of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs launching new ventures.

Where are the opportunities? What sectors are the hottest? Many leaders now involved in the wellness revolution --sees great opportunity in AWE -- Abundance, Wellness and Enlightenment and are beginning to tap into the $12.5 Billion dollar personal growth industry.


Many of you feel guilty because you were raised to revere your grandpa's gold watch that he got at his retirement dinner and you went to the office with your mom on TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER TO WORK still see creating income as getting a paycheck.

Have your own business? For many of you a business or being an entrepreneur has resulted in just creating your own JOB or work that provides you just enough to get by. The new boss you have-- called Y-O-U is even tougher than many of the ones you had when you were working 9-5.

THAT'S WHY THE REAL ANSWER to financing your lifestyle (that's what I like to call the next-gen of what we used to call work or jobs) is MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS.

Income that comes from a) a day job or some ongoing source of income -- it may not pay all your bills but you can depend on it-- maybe a contract with your former company, a part-time gig you take at the local retailer.

That's just the start-- from there you can create multiple income streams from such opportunities as:

a) Turn your hobby into cash -- if you own a boat-- consider giving sailing lessons. Even if you don't a pal of yours can probably get you into the local yacht club to give a workshop or two that people pay for.

b) Monetize your talents and hobbies. Whether you're a sailing fan or an artist or a natural foods follower, you can actually make money from your own talents and hobbies. . Everyone is creative-- if you love to write or you yearn to create art or you scribble out poems that are worthy of being on a greeting card - now is the time to join the online merchants evolution (note evolution not revolution). If you are an expert sailor, teach sailing. If you know natural foods, offer to shop for your neighborhood and charge them a service fee.

A popular concept called PRINT ON DEMAND (POD) enables you to post your project to sites like Amazon's Create Space and others where you can sell prints of your artwork or try where you can see handmade handicrafts so gorgeous it may bring a tear to your eye.

C) Be an affiliate for someone else who has their own artwork, or written creations to promote. Go ahead start today and become an Amazon Associate-- you can list

D) Become an Amazon merchant -- got more than one book to sell -- well then head over and start an Amazon merchant account for as little as $19.95 per month. You can add books to any mix of products or services that you sell.

E) Look into direct selling opportunities and in 'cloning' yourself and your website with your own reps, and affiliates around the world.
Multiple income streams can be as simple as adult in your extended family 'repping' the other person's products or services. Carry a handful of business cards for your colleagues and pals. Work out a finder's fee for when they get business from a referral by you and do the same for them. The standard is 10 percent of the first month's revenues referred to them by you. See wasn't that simple?

She is the author of THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life which just hit #1 on the Amazon Spiritual Best-seller list. "The Vision Board" is published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design and features a 4-color book, hard-bound with more than 100 color pictures throughout.

 The foreword for The Vision Board is by Bob Proctor and the afterword by Jack Canfield. The book features interviews, tips and quotes from more than 75 wisdom leaders and such teachers of THE SECRET as: Marie Diamond, Bob Doyle, Mike Dooley, Lee Brower, Dr. Michael Beckwith and of course Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.
 To see inside the book go to

Saturday, May 2, 2009


For more information or to order your CD on RECAREERING -- when just another job is not enough, email
Above see just some of the careers that I find my clients thought about when they were kids:

*Saving the dolphins -- working in an eco-career with marine life or as a veterinarian.
*Going back to the future as an anthropologist or archeologist and exploring another time -- like the caveman era when Barny and his pals were around!
*Going forward where no man or woman has gone before. Many of my clients dreamed of meeting the Jetsons as astronauts or as explorers of the future!
*Going faster than fast as a taxi driver that hurries to get his passengers there -- that was one of my brother's famous dreams inspired by the book of the same name!
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DREAMS DO COME TRUE: It's never too late to RECAREER by Joyce Schwarz, author "SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING bestselling book

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BRANDING YOURSELF is a key element in 'Successful Recareering': repackaging you and your skills and talents for success in a new environment and a new economy. This blog includes a humorous visual look at the process as recommended by (pictured left) Hollywood career strategist Joyce Schwarz, author, SUCCESSFUL RECAREERING: When Just Another Job Is Not Enough, the bestselling book featured in WALL STREET JOURNAL, LA TIMES, MONEY MAGAZINE, TIME MAGAZINE & MORE.

THE PINK BLOB VERSUS THE PINK PANTHER -- all you have to do to understand the value of personal branding is to look at the picture in this blog of Joyce Schwarz with her two pals. On the left you'll see a pink blob and on the right -- well, I don't even have to say do I because of course you know from branding and promotion and marketing and the movies that is THE PINK PANTHER.
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