Friday, September 11, 2009

Boomerang Kids: Advice from Joyce Schwarz, author THE VISION BOARD book

*GRABS formula for success as described on page 8 of The Vision Board book: the secret to an extraordinary life which explains:
G stands for Gratitude and giving

R for Release and Receive

A for acknowledge and ask

B for being authentic to yourself and believing

S for sharing and beginning the cycle of creation again.

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ADVICE FOR BOOMERANGE PARENTS & KIDS: on visioning & Vision Boards

Alas this questiion got pushed to the last question asked because of time limits so I'll address the answer briefly in this blog post and then cover it in a separate podcast/blog interview in the future. But here are some quick tips that I covered: a) Boomerang Kids are at a 'transition' point in their lives. One of the best ways they can prepare to vision their next stage in life is by: *volunteer work *concentrating on the gratitude and giving part of the success formula. They may want to do a board just on gratitude. Or they may want to do a board for a cause they believe in like "SAVE THE WHALES" etc just to get the feeling for it.

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