Friday, September 11, 2009


What if you could grab the best of life like a game at a know the one that has that claw and you get a stuffed animal or money or candy? Well you can ...and it is much easier than the carnival game when you follow Joyce Schwarz proprietary system in THE VISION BOARD.

WHAT DOES GRABS stand for: See chapter one of Joyce's book for more details or preview it at
Go ahead and GRAB life says Joyce Schwarz, author of THE VISION BOARD: The secret to an extraordinary life , see a free chapter of that bestselling book at

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Yes, great news -- the home study program to become a Certified Vision Board Counselor is now available. It is an 8 week program and includes:8 classes on on CD (90 minutes long -- actual audios from classes so you get the feeling of interaction with other class members)Http:// 8 Audios introducing the sessions by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz telling you how to market and promo your vision board counseling practice and how to teach dozens of other classes and workshops using THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz. PLUS 8 written lesson plans and 8 inspirational podcast from wisdom leaders featured in Joyce's book THE VISION BOARD

The Vision Board: the secret to an extraordinary life has been a bestseller on for more than 25 weeks since it's publication in fall, 2009 Now author and Hollywood career strategist Joyce Schwarz shows how to add another stream of income to your life and career by becoming a certified Vision Board Counselor. See
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